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Leading insurance companies in Germany

List of the largest insurance companies in Germany according to premium income – Liste der größten Versicherungen in Deutschland nach Beitragseinnahmen

Rang 2009Rang 2008NameHeadquartersContribution
(€ million)
(million €)
EmployeeMarket value
(€ million)
1.▬ 1.Allianz SE Munich97.3854.692153.203 ▼39.775
2.▬ 2.Munich ReMunich41.4232.52147.249 ▲21.491
3.▬ 3.TalanxHannover20.92352616.921 ▬9.890
4.▬ 4.Generali GermanyMunich , Cologne 14.85032714.957 ▬3.980
5.▲ 6.R + V insuranceWiesbaden10.52122212.583 ▲n.b.
6.▼ 5.AXA GermanyCologne10.28514211.483 ▬n.b.
7.▬ 7.DebekaKoblenz8.14222115.552 ▲n.b.
8.▲ 9.Insurance Chamber of BavariaMunich6.3551216.433 ▬n.b.
9.▼ 8.Zurich GroupBonn6.1442336.146 ▬n.b.
10.▲ 11.Signal Iduna GroupDortmund , Hamburg5.2747013.000 ▲n.b.
11.▼ 10.HUK-CoburgCoburg4.8953078.497 ▬n.b.
12.▬ 12.GothaerCologne4.2491245.350 ▬n.b.
13.▬ 13.Wüstenrot & WürttembergischeStuttgart3.800985.500 ▼1.551
14.▬ 14.Nuremberg insurance groupNürnberg3.404415.024 ▬599
15.▬ 15.Provincial NorthWestMünster3.1681112.914 ▬n.b.
16.▬ 16.Old Leipzig – HallescheOberursel (Taunus)3.0422.808 ▬n.b.
17.▬ 17.SV SparkassenVersicherungStuttgart2.817484.811 ▬n.b.
18.▲ 19.Continentale health insuranceDortmund2.626622.482 ▬n.b.
19.▲ 20.LVM insuranceMünster2.4651553.164 ▬n.b.
20.▲ newDEVKCologne2.390963.974 ▬n.b.

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Allianz – leading insurer in Germany

Allianz is one of the major insurance companies in Germany which operates world-wide. The company offers:

  • Private insurances – Health, Family, House, Old age provisions;
  • Business insurances for Large corporations, Small and medium business, Credit;
  • Asset management, Global assistance and services, Consultancy, etc;

ARAG Group – largest family owned enterprise in Germany

ARAG Group operates in Germany and other Europe countries and offers wide variety of insurance products as following:

  • Business line legal insurance solutions;
  • Business line composite insurances;
  • Life and Health insurance products;

ERGO Insurance Group

ERGO Insurance Group is one of the biggest insurance companies in Germany and operate in more than 30 countries. The products of the group are:

  • Life, Health, Home, Car insurance companies;
  • Business insurance solutions for small, medium and large enterprises;
  • Financial services, Annuities, Consultancy, and more;

Generali Deutschland – major insurer in Germany

Generali Deutschland is one of the biggest insurance holding in Germany. Generali offers various financial services and solutions:

  • Car, Home, Life, Health and other private insurances;
  • Business insurance products for any small, medium or large enterprises;
  • Financial services and advice, Consultancy, Business solutions and support;

Hannover Re Group

Hannover Re Group is one of the biggest reinsurance company in the World. The group offers:

  • Non-life and Life reinsurance products;
  • Financial solutions – Cost leadership, Cycle management, Risk management;
  • Financial services, Business consultancy, Legal advice;

Munich RE – insurance and reinsurance group

Munich RE is a major financial group which offers various insurance products and consultancy.

  • Reinsurance products for world-wide range of insurance companies;
  • Owner of ERGO which offers Car, Property, Life, Health insurances;
  • Asset management, Munich Health, other financial services;

AXA Konzern – Financial group in Germany

AXA Konzern is one of leading financial groups in Germany, which offers following products:

  • Asset Management and Financial services;
  • Corporate risk insurance and international insurances;
  • Property, Life, Car, and other private insurance products;

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